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How to get free stuff

I’ve made a lot of stuff and when I can I try to give a lot of it away! Here’s how you can take advantage of that!

Free Pluralsight Trials

When you use this link, you should be able to sign up for free trial access to any of my Pluralsight courses. Last time I checked it was around 2 weeks which gives you enough time to finish one or two and download all the samples. Full disclosure - I make a few bucks of this if you end up signing up after your trial.

If that’s not enough time with my Pluralsight courses, then sign up for my mailing list. When you see the welcome email that tells you to reply with your questions just shoot me an email and I’ll get you set up with an additional free trial code that should give you even more time!

Then, take any of my courses or other Pluralsight courses:

Free Demo Code

I put most of my examples from blogs/articles/events out for free on my GitHub. Most of it is MIT licensed for you to use as you will!

Free Ebook Chapters

I’m writing an Ebook! If you want to read free bits of it and get extra special demos and videos, sign up here to get them emailed to you as I write it!