The AWS Cloud Control API Is Not for You

Forget the hype, the new AWS Cloud Control API is not the infrastructure as code magic bullet you’re looking for.

Every AWS cloud engineer dreams of the day they can call the same API across any cloud resource to create their beautiful infrastructure seamlessly. This is because AWS has a terrible record of keeping API calls that would seem to do the same thing named consistently. If you’re looking for a solution to this out of the Cloud Control API then you’re looking in the wrong place. Let’s take a look at who really benefits from this new API, in general how it’s used, and some of the context around it.

Azure IoT Edge Update Twin Errors

I’ve been working more with Azure IoT Edge Devices recently and with versions of the IoT Hub EdgeAgent and the Python SDKs I noticed a few very non-descriptive errors when trying to patch device properties with the patch_twin_reported_properties() method.

Here’s a quick look at them in case anyone else notices these later on.

2020 Yearly Review

2020 was, well… 2020. I hope if you’re reading this you’re doing okay and pardoning my periodic disappearances as we all figure out how to handle everything the world is throwing at us. This year, I’ll be recapping my year but I’d also like to take more time to offer a few things I can share that might make 2021 easier for any of my readers.

Reader Questions Episode 1: IoT, Serverless, and Jobs

This is the first episode of Reader Questions! I’ve started getting more and more questions from readers of my blog and social media so I’ve decided to start posting my answers publicly so everyone can benefit. These questions and answers may be edited slightly to apply more generally and preserve anonymity but hopefully they’ll be useful for you too!

Today’s episode contains questions related to serverless, frontend development, IoT, internships, and more!