I’m announcing my first attempt at a tool to help with Diceware master password adoption. I’ve created a single-page HTML file to quickly generate Diceware passwords from dice rolls. Here is a link to the source. And here is the live project. You can tweet at me if you have suggestions, improvements, or requests.

Thanks to all the great folks who came over to Wharton tonight for the Python User Group. I had a great time presenting and then learning about PySpark from Monetate. Some folks wanted the slides to my talk so I’ve included them Here. You’re also welcome to checkout the code I used on Github. You can also see the live project (hosted by github). PRs welcome! Lastly, some of you were curious about other ‘formulas’ for password creation.

Recently I’ve paid more attention to recommendations for memorized keys. Should I always use a number in my password? Is it really more secure to add that special character at the end every time? What are some real best practices when you’re telling people to create strong, memorable passwords? First, I’ll make some assumptions to help think about this. I’m only talking about the passwords you absolutely must memorize – Otherwise we would all be better off using a password manager of some sort.