DynamoDB Jargon Explained - Every Key Term You need to Know about Amazon DynamoDB

I regularly see questions related to the various bits of terminology surrounding DynamoDB. Specifically, questions always come up related to Primary Keys, Partition Keys, Sort Keys, and a bunch of the other names and types of each of them. I wanted to do my best to describe what each of these terms means and how they relate to one another.

I’ll assume a little bit of DynamoDB knowledge going into this post. If you’d like to dive into this yourself I’d suggest getting started with the DynamoDB Developer Guide. So let’s get started breaking apart all the jargon involved with AWS’s Managed NoSQL offering.

New AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level Preparation Course

I’m happy to annouce my newest course, the AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level certification prep course.

This course is by far the largest one I’ve ever done and has a LOT of content. There are over 14 hours of videos, as well as a variety of labs, flashcards, and quizzes.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect inside one of my favorite labs: An example lab image for Step Functions